Monday, March 3, 2008

Permission to Acquire a Civil Passport

Document held by John Szaroleta
Translation by Ursula

2. Franz Szarolettos

The substitute reservist Franz Szarolettos of Czmow (?), District
of Schrimm, of the III. Company, has here with received
permission to acquire a civil passport to America by April 1876.
However, in the event of mobilization, he must report
immediately to the undersigned company even without an order.

Schrimm, 6 April 1874
Royal District Command

signed Ebeling, Colonel
on duty and District Commander

Prussian citizenship document; Peter Tobola

Document held by Marilyn Tobola Maust
Thank you, Ursula (a contributor to the Germany-passenger email list) for the fast turn around on the fine translation.

1. Peter Tobola:

Unfortunately the handwritten portion is obliterated so I can only guess at what is written there, here goes:
Aurich, 31 January 1882

The undersigned Royal Provincial Government certifies here with that Peter Tobola born 15 June 1851 in Mieczewo, District of Schrimm and residing in Wiesedemeer, District of Aurich, on his request and for the purpose of emigration to North America, has here with been relieved of his Prussian Citizenship. This certificate effects the loss of the Prussian citizenship for the person expressly named herein effective on the date of issue, however, it will become void if the person has not moved to another State within the Federation or obtained the Citizenship in another Federal State six (6)months from the date of issue of this certificate.

(Paragraph 18 of the Law that governs the obtainment and loss of the Federal
and State Citizenship of 1 June 1870, German Civil Code, page 355.)

Royal Provincial Government,
signature (illegible)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Casimir Malczewski and Helen Flens (1900)

The marriage of Casimir Malczewski and Helen Flens took place at
St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church, 3 October, 1900.
Rev. Francis Maciarcz officiated. The witnesses were Stanisław
and Hedwiga Zwierzchowski.Their wedding photo was taken at
the studio of Steckbauer in Calumet, Michigan.