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Catharine Yoziviak is Catharina Jóźwiak of Czerlejno

Read how Jeff found his ancestral village using the Poznan Project:

He posted the C&H mining record for John Joseph Pytlewski. Noted is the fact that the Pytlewski immigrant brothers had a nephew named, Mike Juzwiak, who also worked in the Calumet and Hecla Mines. Juzwiak is the misspelling of Jóźwiak.

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MTU's 2008 Research Travel Awards

2008 Library News & Events

[2/22/08]The MTU Archives and Copper Country Historical Collections announce the 2008 Research Travel Awards, making a total of twenty researchers that have been funded through the program since its start a decade ago. This year's winners will use Archives collections in innovative ways. Projects include online ethnographic resources, a historical documentary, and research of Native American mining sites. The Grant is funded by the Friends of the Van Pelt Library.

This year, researchers will make use of the Archives collections in some innovative ways. Filmmaker Thomas Beach plans a 90-minute video documentary of the 1913 copper miners strike. Michelle Hamilton, University of Guelph, will research Native American mines and early mineral exploration by white settlers. A team of genealogical researchers, Cecile Jensen, Michigan Polonia, and Brother Joseph Martin, Lewis University, will enrich online resources with material on the early Polish immigrant community in Calumet.

The Friends of the Van Pelt Library provides financial sponsorship for the Michigan Tech Archives Travel Award program and makes it possible for researchers from outside the area to explore the unique Archives' unique collections. For further information about the award program or the collections at the MTU Archives, call 487-2505.
Garbarek Family Portrait courtesy of Kathy Franklin

Left to right: front row: Lawrence (aka Lorenzo, Wawazyn),
Antoni,Josie, Marianna. Need advice on the position of
daughters Catherine, Agnes, Laura, and Marianna.

Lorenzo and sister Marianna were born in Rogalin, Schrimm,
Posen. Both Antoni and wife Marianna Świętek were born in
Rogalinek, Schrimm, Posen.

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Hecla Cemetery
aka Laurium Cemetery


Born 5 November, 1875, Posen
Died 17, December, 1889, Calumet

Andrzei Adamski was the son of Stanisław Adamski and his wife Petronella Iwanski. Andrzei came to the US with his parents and older brother Joseph, sailing from Hamburg to New York aboard the Frisia. They arrived May 16, 1876. They sailed with other Posen travelers heading for Calumet.

Andrzei's death entry in the Houghton Co. death returns reads: Entry 88, pp. 38-39. Dec 17, 1890
Andrew Adamske, Male, White, Child, age 15, Place of Death Calumet, Disease or Cause of Death Killed in Mine; Birthplace Poland; Occupation Drill Boy in Mine;
Parents Names Steve and Petroy (sp) Residences Calumet. Date of Records August, 1, 1891.

The tombstone and Houghton County Mining Inspector Accident Report lists the date of death in 1889.

The Accident Mining Report lists:
Surname Adamsky; Given Andrew; Date Dec. 17, 1889; Mine Osceola; Occupation Boy;
Acc Description Explosion of Dynamite; Nationality Polander; Acc No unk

Special thanks to Greg Skoviak for the use of the photo of Adamski's tombstone. Greg has recorded many tombstones in the abandoned cemetery. See his collection at:

Houghton Co. Mining Inspector Accident Reports

Thanks to the formatting, indexing, and transcriptions by Patricia Hamp and Colleen Caudle's indexing and transcription researchers can read about the accidents in the mines. 1889 -1900.
(some years missing)

I've linked to the Polanders listed in the records. Thank you Pat and Colleen for taking the
time to make this information available for all of us.

Adamski (y), Andrew age 15, 1889
Bailey, Frank ,Mar. 17, 1890
Garyatygiez, Peter, April 4, 1895 (Senaski mentioned)
Godjenske, Adam, Dec. 10, 1889
Gracka ,Stephen, 22 Jan 1900
Latilla (Lettia) , John ,20 December 1893
Mandrek, Peter, 26 May, 1897
Modrock ,Mike, 07 August 1893 (brother Theodore mentioned)
Oriski, Stephen, 07 September, 1895 (thirty men died)
Rasec (Rasimowicz), Joseph 07 September, 1895
Respeske, Andrew, 22 July 1891
Ristivick ,Stephen ,07 September 1895
Rosinski ,Andrew, 07 September 1895
Slotta , Joseph ,07 September 1895
Slotta , Michael, 07 September 1895
Smith ,Stephen, 01 April 1898, Boy Laborer
Thomaezhaski, Anton, 02 February 1897
Thomaezhaski, Wm, 02 February 1897
Waliguski, Jacob, 14 November, 1893
Wamzen, Jacob, 30 November, 1891
Werner, Thomas, 28 October 1892
Zeswick, Anton, 07 September, 1895 * Jozwiak
Zeswick ,Frank, 20 December 1897 *Jozwiak
Zeswick , Stephen, 20 December 1897 *Jozwiak

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Ancestral Village of Polish Miners

This contemporary map shows the locations of the ancestral villages of the Polish miners of Calumet. The names of the ancestral villages were found in mining employment records, ship manifests, family histories, and naturalization papers.

If the village name has changed both the past and present name is listed.

Click on the link for an interactive map that you can resize and move.