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Jacob Ginter of Greylow, Poznan

Thu, 17 Jan 2008 07:30:49 -0000From: .Author: NCosgrove8629 Board Post:

Hi Ceil,

I have a couple of names for you. My ggreat grandfather was Jacob Ginter. They were from the Poznan area. He came here with family in 1884/ or 1886. If you are interested I will look up specific fates for you. I got this information form the ship they came to the U.S. on.

He got hung in a mining accident in May 5th , 1888. He was married to Katherine Wroblewski. They got married in Poland. He was on the ship with his family and brother in law (Vincent Wroblewski) and his family. They all say they were from Greylow, Poznan. Poland.
Vincent's wife was Marie. I know when Jacob died but I can't find out where he is buried.

I don't know if my husband and I will ever get a chance to come back to MI. for a vacation, but there is so much I'd like to find out about.

There was a article of Jacob's death in the Red Jacket / Calumet News when he died. A lady from Calumet sent me the info. He had a Polish band take him to the cemetery (I think she said). The article had the names of all the relatives that came from Detroit to the funeral. But she didn't send me all the that info, and she said it was in an article.

Well let me know if you'd like more info and if I have it I will sent it to you.

Thank you,
Nancy Cosgrove(Surnames ginter,wroblewski,wolfe,wilczenski,beehler,browski,kaczor)

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John Zwierzchowski was born in Piotrkowo, Poland

History of Cook County, Illinois : being a general survey of Cook County history including a condensed history of Chicago and special account of districts outside the city limits, from the earliest settlement to the present time Chicago: The Goodspeed Historical Association, 1909, 1572 pgs. , 2_729-30 Transcribed by Dave Montgomery

John Zwierzchowski was born in Piotrkowo Poland in 1844, wife Josephine was born in Sroda Poland in 1848. This article is per the "History of Cook County, Illinois, Volume 2,Page 30, 729-730" Rev. John Zwierzchowski, pastor of Holy Innocents' Polish Roman Catholic church, was born in Calumet, Mich., on May 9, 1877, and is a son of John and Josephine (Maciejewska) Zwierzchowski, natives of Piotrkowo and Sroda,Poland, respectively. The parents immigrated to the United States in 1870 and settled in Calumet, Mich, where they still reside and where the father is employed with the Calumet & Hecla Mine company.

To these parents ten children were born, as follows: Stephen, a lawyer; Hedwig, wife of Arthur Robbilard; Theresa, wife of N. J. Tobianski ; Wladislaus, John, Casimir, Stanislaus, Pelagia, wife of Frank Banaszewski, Frances and Teckla. John of this family was reared in his native city and was educated in the public schools, St. Viateur's college, Bourbonnais Grove, Ill., where he pursued his philosophical studies, and St. Francis seminary in 1895, where he finished his theological studies in 1899. On April 1, 1900, he was ordained to the priesthood at St. Francis seminary.

His first appointment was as assistant pastor of St. Adalbert's church at Seventeenth and Paulina streets. After seven months he was appointed assistant of St. Michael's church, South Chicago, where he remained five years with the present Bishop Rhode. On October 12, 1905, he was appointed pastor of his present parish,which has about 700 families and nearly 4,000 souls. The school inconnection has over 500 pupils under the instruction of eight Felician sisters. Connected with the church are fourteen beneficent societies. The parish in a flourishing condition and is growing rapidly. There is one assistant, Rev. Felix Feldheim.

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Polish & Prussian Marriages in Calumet, Co., Michigan

(Extracted primarily from the Houghton County Marriage Records. Other sources include church records (*) and personal files (+). Please note: Given the illegibility of many entries in historic records, spelling of some names have been approximated.) Primary transcriber Kathy Atwood, with additions by Joseph F. Martin and Ceil Wendt Jensen.

1872 - 1873

11/18/1872 Frederick MEHNING 24 Prussia miner
Teresa NECKER 16 Mich

02/02/1873 Stanislaus ROZMIAREK 25 Poland/Prussia miner
Josepha SZATKOWSKI 22 Poland/Prussia

Wit: John Szatkowsky Hedwiga Osinska
01/01/1873 Thomas KERGET 26 Poland/Prussia miner

Mary Ann MYTKOWSKA 26 Poland/Prussia
Wit: John Zwierzchowski Emily Gotzenberger

02/08/1873 Valentin NOWICKI 21 Poland/Prussia miner
Victoria NOWAK 22 Poland/Prussia
Wit: Anthony Osinski John Zwierzchowski

07/06/1873 Valentin TOMASZEWSKI 29 Poland/Prussia mechanic
Catherine KUBIAK 21 Poland/Prussia
Wit: Joseph Godzenski Victoria Kubiak

10/05/1873 Francis SZATKOWSKI 26 Poland/Prussia laborer
Anna BOMBLINSKI 20 Poland/Prussia
Wit: John Szatkowski Mary Ann Gradzielewska

10/12/1873 Andrew NOVAK 24 Poland/Prussia laborer
Mary Ann GRADZIELEWSKA 21 Poland/Prussia
Wit: John Szatkowski Hedwig Laczna

(at this time, there is a gap in the records between 1873 and 1878)

1878 – 1905

01/09/1876* John SZATKOWSKI 24 Poland
Martin Szatkowski Elizabeth Lupinska
Lucia WOJKIEWICZ 17 Poland Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Wit: Alexander Nowakowski Margaret Nowicka

10/20/1878 Martin NOVATZKY 31 Poland laborer
Mary A. JUSKNLA 17 Poland
Wit: Ignatius Chicowsky Anastasia Walkoska

11/23/1878 Peter RATAJZAK 35 Poland Calumet laborer
Anastasia WALKOSKA 20 Poland Calumet
Wit: Ignatius Chicowsky Mary Novaska

01/18/1879 George BOMBLINSKI 25 Poland Calumet laborer
Josephine WOJKIEWICZ 22 Poland Calumet
Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Wit: Frank Zienta Thomas Rozmiarek

09/27/1879 George WOZIACK 30 Poland
Antonina SHARNELKA 20 Poland
Wit: Theodore Matiack Annie Joseka

08/02/1880 Stanislaus PETLEWSKI 28 Poland Calumet miner
John Petlewski Catherine Yoziviak

Antonina SIKORSKA 22 Poland Calumet
Joseph Sikorski Marianna Flenz
Wit: Theophile Glowski Theresa Porniska

06/28/1880 Michael STEPNIAK 28 Poland Calumet miner
Elizabeth ZINOLYA 22 Poland

Wit: Thomas Mosiniak Mary Setovska
10/22/1880 John LEICKE 23 Polonia Calumet miner
Helen SHEA 18 Mich Calumet
Wit: John Donalski Annie Shea

09/12/1881 John GRZESKOVIAK 26 Prussia Osceola laborer
Catherine ROZMIAREK 22 Prussia Osceola
Wit: John Laczny Mariane Makowska

11/12/1881 Stephen WOJOZIAK 27 Prussia Atlantic Mine laborer
Marianne MONKOWSKI 17 Prussia Red Jacket
Wit: John Pytlewski Pelagia Czarnecki

06/17/1882 John PYTLEWSKI 26 Prussia Calumet laborer
John Petlewski Catherine Yoziviak

Wladislawa SIKORSKI 16 Prussia Calumet
Joseph Sikorski Marianna Fleuty
Wit: Joseph Pytlewski Elisa O’Connors

07/25/1882 John CROLGOSY 28 Prussia Calumet laborer
Marianne WINCREWSKI 22 Prussia Calumet
Wit: Andrew Vilafrich Rosalie Vilafrich

07/30/1882 August PINGELMANN 28 Prussia Calumet laborer
Gertrude FOLLMER 20 Prussia Raymbaultown
Wit: Peter Gilles Francisca Petch

09/09/1882 Valentin REINEY 24 Prussia laborer
Pelagia CZARNECKI 20 Prussia
Wit: John Stelmaszynski Petronella Wojkiewicz

09/16/1882 Stanislaus PREZMUS 27 Prussia Allouez
Francisca KOMINEK 16 Prussia Calumet
Wit: Frank Shatkowski Francisca Smigaj

09/23/1882 Martin NIEMER 23 Prussia Calumet
Michalina TIMMA 19 Prussia Calumet
Wit: Matthew Mydkowski Maria A. Schatkowski

10/15/1882 John PLUGGA 28 Prussia miner
Mary VOLLMER 26 Prussia
Wit: Joseph Vollmer Teresia Stroek

11/11/1882* Peter TOBOLA 28 Prussia Calumet laborer
Valentine Tobola Frances Rozmiarek
Petronella WOJKIEWICZ 19 Prussia Calumet
Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Wit: Vincent Salatka Marianne Wojkiewicz

11/21/1882* Thomas MOSINIAK 28 Prussia
Laurence Mosiniak Michalina Balbierz
Marianne WOJKIEWICZ 22 Prussia
Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Wit: Vincent Salatka Petronella Wojkiewicz

This next record is a duplication, but the church record shows November 26 as the date. (JM)

11/26/1882* Thomas MOSINIASK 28 Prussia Calumet laborer
Marianne WOJKIEWICZ 22 Prussia Calumet
PeterWojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Wit: Vincent Salatka Petronella Wojkiewicz

01/10/1883* Martin KAZMIERCZAK 25 Prussia Calumet laborer
Francis Kazmierczak Catherine Kasprzak
Angela GLOWCZENSKI 20 Prussia Calumet
Valentine Glowczenski Josepha Brodka
Wit: John Kazmierczak Victoria Karalus

03/26/1883 John FLENS 28 Prussia Calumet laborer
Mini GILLES (nee Bommel?) 27 Prussia Calumet
Wit: Lawrence Caesar Mary Muller

05/26/1883 Charles Frederick MATTHEW 26 Clifton Calumet laborer
Clara LRVIEKEV 24 Prussia Calumet
Wit: Joseph Krupp Annie Meyer

06/02/1883 John SCHABACH 24 Prussia Hancock laborer
Susie GERARD 24 Luxembourg Calumet
Wit: Simon Gerard Mary Jevkel

09/29/1883* Stephan BARANOWSKI 26 Poland Calumet laborer
Andreae Baranowski
Apolonia SZATKOWSKA 16 Poland Calumet
Tomae Szatkowski
Wit: Andreae Jablonski Maria Szatkowska

06/28/1884 Michel ERNAT 35 Poland Calumet
Catherine TOMCZAK 24 Poland Calumet
Wit: Francis Lubianki Anna Cody

07/19/1884 Francis JANKOWIAK 35 Poland Calumet
Agnes COCORG 23 Poland Calumet
Wit: Marcin Antkowiak Agnes Lisiecka

02/02/1885 Stanislaus LISIECKI 24 Poland Raymbaultown laborer
Mary TRATKOWSKA 18 Poland Swedetown
Wit: Stanislaus Kowalski Anthony Kuberski

04/18/1885 John OJSIEWAER 29 Poland Red Jacket laborer
Frances EICHORN 23 Poland Red Jacket
Wit: August Baron Peter Himanek

05/30/1885 Michael TOMCZAK 44 Poland Raymbaultown
Frances KNIAT 24 Poland Swedetown
Wit: Francis Nowakowski Valentin Wojkiewicz

08/01/1885 Anthony IWANSKI 23 Poland Raymbaultown laborer
Mary MOSINIAK (nee Wojkiewicz) 25 Poland Red Jacket
Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Wit: Walentin Wojkiewicz Francis Grzadzlewski

08/08/1885 Francis GRZADZLEWSKI 27 Poland Raymbaultown laborer
Anna GRZADZELEWSKI 23 Poland Raymbaultown
Wit: Melchior Lisiecki John Smigaj

10/10/1885 August BARON 25 Poland Red Jacket laborer
Elizabeth HIMANEK 17 Poland Red Jacket
Wit: Albert Himanek Joseph Ciomer

10/17/1885 Joseph SCHNELLER 29 Austria laborer
Barbara BICKER 23 Prussia
Wit: Mathias Stukel Kathie Kobetic

11/21/1885 Joseph LOVRENCHICH 26 Hungary Red Jacket laborer
Mary GARBAREK 14 Poland Red Jacket
Wit: Joseph Sellier Michael Backa

01/23/1886 Martin CIEPLUCKA 36 Poland Allouez laborer
Madalena PRZYBYLSKA 25 Poland Allouez
Wit: Joseph Kolzor Joseph Topolewski

05/29/1886 Joseph CIOMER 25 Poland Red Jacket laborer
Aniela TASZEK 25 Poland Red Jacket
Wit: Michael Antkoviak

07/21/1886 John SMIGAJ 23 Poland Osceola laborer
Constantia WROBLEWSKA 19 Poland Osceola
Wit: Melchior Lisiecki Augustinius Gierdzewicz

09/25/1886* Ignatius SIMOWSKI 26 Poland Hurontown
Jan Siemowski Mary Ratajczak
Agnes LISIECKA 18 Poland
Thomas Liesicki Katherine Szajkowski
Wit: Stanislaw Kowalski Melchior Lisiecki

10/18/1866* Andreas PELNER 22 Poland Tamarack Mine laborer
Michael Pelner Agnes Cieslinska
Stanislava BORKOWICZ 19 Poland
Vincent Borkowicz Mariane Kuczma
Wit: John Lanczny Francis Tomalka

11/06/1886* Augustinius GIERDZEWICZ 24 Poland Raymbaultown laborer
Josephine GAJEWSKA 20 Poland Swedetown
Wit: John Wojkiewicz Ladislaw Lewgowd

11/26/1886 James CORDO 24 Italy
Mary RIBETZEKY 18 Prussia
Wit: Michael Corti Bartholomew Enrietta

11/30/1886 Ignatius GLOWEZYORSKI 28 Poland Swedetown workman
Victoria RAEZAK 18 Poland Red Jacket
Wit: Martin Kazzniez Francis Nowak

09/04/1888 Joseph KOWALSKI 26 Poland Calumet laborer
Anthony Novak Louise Novak
Agnes JANKOVIAK 26 Poland Calumet
John Kouch Antonia (Agnes) Brotka
Wit: Anton Kowalski Stanislaus Kowalski

10/16/1888 Sylvester KLUTT 25 Prussia Red Jacket laborer
Andrew Klutt --
Agnes TOMCZAK 16 Russia Red Jacket
Joseph Tomczak Annie Tomsik
Wit: Joe Wosoki Joseph Wosoki

11/13/1888 Frank NOWAK 26 Poland Red Jacket miner
Steve Nowak Katarzina Nowak
Katarzyn KORZ 20 Poland Red Jacket -- --
Wit: Joseph Kowalski Anton Kowalski

01/18/1889 Francis TOBINSKI 22 Russia Calumet miner
S. Tobinski --
Margaret SULLIVAN 21 Houghton Osceola
D. Sullivan Mary O’Connell
Wit: M. Tobinski Mary O’Connor

05/28/1889 Frank TOMALKA 23 Poland Osceola miner
Steve Pavlak Mary Pavlak
Frances NOWAK 21 Poland Red Jacket -- Kate Tobinski
Wit: Valentin Novak Kate Tomalka

10/22/1889* William/Valentine WOJKIEWICZ 24 Germany laborer
Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Anna LUKA 16 Germany hired girl
John Luka Josepha Taszak
Wit: Joseph Adamski Michael Tomczak

10/29/1889 Casimir MAJEWSKI 26 Ger. Emp. Calumet miner
Dominick Tobola Marie Tobola
Agnes KOWALSKI (nee Urbaniak) 30 Ger. Emp. Calumet
Wit: Michael Toleijanski Frances Mateika

01/21/1890 John WOJKIEWICZ 23 Ger. Emp. Calumet miner
Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Magdalena MYDLARZ 19 Ger. Emp. Calumet
George Mydlarz Agnes Kalisz
Wit: Joannes Szatkowski Adalbert Szatkowski

01/22/1890 Michael STANBECK 26 Prussia Calumet miner
Joseph Janieshka Marian Janieshka
Marian JANCYESKA 18 Prussia Osceola
Michale Jancyeska Josepha DeKarz
Wit: Isak Jerman Gust Hyvanen

04/18/1890 John CHOLSWINSKI 43 Poland Osceola laborer
M. Cholewinsky F. Azyer
Mary Ann KARZER 17 Poland Osceola
Val Karger Mary Ann Kuminska
04/28/1890 Frank GWIZDALA 24 Ger. Emp. Calumet laborer
P. Gwizdala S. Laptoviski
Hedwig BARTKOWIAK 17 Ger. Emp. Calumet
A. Bartkowiak M. Kubick
Wit: Michael Simowski Josef Pawlicki

06/21/1890 Vitold BLINSTRUB 23 Rus. Emp. Red Jacket laborer
Dan Blinstrub Kate Kendret
Tekla WOJTKIEWICZ 22 Rus. Emp. Calumet
Tho.? Wojtkiewicz M. Bezot
Wit: Marcus Osterman Mary Klebner

06/27/1890 Thomas KACZOR 46 Posen Osceola laborer
Bartlomei Kaczor Margaret Kuthiewic
Catherine URBANSKA 40 Posen Osceola
Valentine Urbanski Marian Kidzwice
Wit: Stanislaus Duerarak Ignac Urbanski

10/02/1890 Stanislaus URBANSKI 26 Prussia Red Jacket laborer
V. Urbanski Marian Kedoriona
Victoria TAMEZAC 17 Prussia Calumet
M. Tamezac Maria Kniesma
Wit: Ignatz Durokak F. Daworak

10/20/1890 Michael CICHOWLAS 40 Prussia Osceola laborer
V. Cichowlas F. Andrezewska
Hedwig MATELA (nee Zyminska) 35 Prussia Osceola
J. Ziminiak M. A. Lichinski
Wit: Joseph Oleski Anton Torwiak

01/15/1891 Victor KOWALSKI 45 Poland Calumet timberman
Chs Kowalski Annie Rosanka
Annie O’CONNORS 41 Poland Franklin Mine
Bert O’Connors --
Wit: Norman MacDonald Anna MacDonald

01/20/1891 Geo. WISZOWSKY 29 Rus. Emp. Calumet laborer
F. Wiszowsky B. Cupluiska
S. HURSHKA 18 Rus. Emp. Calumet
M. Hrushka J. Mancheriska
Wit: Novak Timon K. Stephen

01/27/1891 Vincent SYMKOVIA 44 Ger. Emp. Red Jacket laborer
Geo. Symkoviak Mary Pliniak
Margaret JUNARASIK 40 Ger. Emp. Red Jacket
K. Junarasiak A. Topelska
Wit: Andreas Kubick Jos. Stepaniak

02/09/1891 Joseph ZEMITIS 30 Prussia Red Jacket laborer
John Zemikis Lizzie Dankai
Tehodora RAIJEK 19 Prussia Osceola
Thomas Razyk Lalnansasi
Wit: Jan Pilander Marian Johnson

06/01/1891 Felix SLOMENSKY 30 Poland Red Jacket laborer
I. Slaminisky Ant. Kozinsky
Mary POSYGADSKA 43 Poland Red Jacket
W. Posygadska Mary Ann Novak
Wit: S. Kowalski John Sikorski

07/28/1891 Frank LAWNISZARK 22 Poland Red Jacket laborer
Frank Lawnezark Apolonia Manock
Victoria GORNA 17 Poland Red Jacket housekeeper -- --
Wit: Stanislaus Patarak Adalbert Patarak

10/20/1891 Frank SHATKOWSKI 21 Prussia/Poland Calumet laborer
Thomas Shatkowski --
Eva KNECHTGES 13 Ger Calumet Peter Knechtges
Wit: Mathias Zielinski Joseph Dzierle --

10/27/1891 Adolf SHMINSKI 32 Prussia/Poland Osceola laborer
Ignatz Syminski Antonina Godginsky
Frances MODJISKU 21 Prussia/Poland Red Jacket
Michael Modjesku Rosa Webber
Wit: Stanislaus Petlewski Joseph Latowsky

02/15/1892 Anton KUBERSKI 25 Poland Calumet miner
Frank Kuberski Frances Andrewski
Mary IWANSKI (nee Wojikiewicz) 20 Poland Calumet
Peter Wojkiewicz Victoria Bekas
Wit: Ignac Basrupak

02/22/1892 Joseph TOMSHAK 41 Poland Calumet miner/laborer
Frank Tomshak Catherine Koverinsky
Victoria KOBSIACHOK 21 Poland Osceola hired girl
Joe Kobiach --
Wit: Michael Tomczak Theresa Defelippi

05/09/1892 Peter KRISAK 24 Austria Red Jacket teamster
P. Krisak Invicta Masok
Victoria GRAY 18 Prussia Osceola
John Gray S. Kuminski
Wit: Valentine John Wiewkecure

05/17/1892 Matti ZILINISKY 23 Poland Calumet laborer miner
M. Zelinisky M. Garznau
Yudwiga PARAZIS 17 Poland Calumet hired girl
T. Parazis M. Koskolsy
Wit: Vincent Telenski Carl Drienuriener

08/08/1892 Joseph ZULINSKY 26 Poland Calumet miner
Michael Zelinsky M. Gregrach
Anna HIMANEK 18 Poland Osceola
Peter Himanek Albin Wiadey
Wit: Frank Lustersic Anna Zagar

09/27/1892 George BORNOSKY 23 Prussia/Poland Calumet laborer
Laurence Bornosky Mary Rozeth
Agnes SHATKOWSKY 20 Prussia/Poland Calumet
Tho. Shatkowsky Victoria Staniszewska
Wit: Michael Tobianski Wiktorya Szotkowski

10/14/1892 Joseph ADAMSKI 23 Prussia/Poland Calumet laborer
Stephan Adamski Petronella Iwanka
Pikogivic KANDARSKI 20 Prussia/Poland Calumet
John Kandarski Katarina Nowtzka
Wit: Nowiztan Kowalski Kataryna Dlubala

10/18/1892 Peter STANKER 26 Poland Atlantic Mine carpenter
Mary KLYNSOCKA 17 Poland Red Jacket servant
Wit: Victor Stanker Magdal Klinowicka

02/07/1893 Stephan PETLEWSKI 40 Poland Red Jacket store clerk
John Petlewski Catherine Yoziviak
Mary WALCZAK 22 Poland Red Jacket hired girl
Sebastian Walczak --
Wit: Michael Sikorski Praxyda Sikorski

04/23/1893 Vincent DLUBALA 25 Posen/Prussia Red Jacket laborer
Peter Dlubala Marianna Mydkowski
Agnes JANKOWIAK 18 Posen/Prussia Red Jacket
Frank Jankowiak Constans Pichute
Wit: Stanislaus Tomalka Magdalena Klinowieska

05/30/1893 Michael BABIN 24 Russian Calumet laborer
Thomas Babin Ludovica Bjogska
Victoria GRANDOLANSKI 20 Prussian Calumet
John Grandol Victoria Adamska
Wit: Anton Grandrelows Teresa Dumeniska

09/02/1893 Felex WARDYGA 29 Poland Baraga farmer
Murach Wardyga Addy Wardyga
Mary PACKOSKY 22 Poland Red Jacket
Mathia Packosky Annie Pakcosky
Wit: Jan Karjaka Magdalena Pszycyt

04/15/1894 Victor STANKA 25 Ger Atlantic Mine engineer
John Stanka Josefyna Okowski
Magdalena KLINOWICKI 16 Ger Calumet
Lorenz Klinowicki
Wit: Andrew Stanka Franciska Stanka

06/15/1894 Michael TOBIANSKI 28 Ger. Red Jacket store clerk
Simon Tobianski Mary Hechlinski
Teresa ZWIAGLOWSKI 20 Calumet Calumet
John Zwianghulksi Josephine Gruciepska
Wit: Peter Tobianski Praxedis Likerska

07/24/1894 Stephen DURLGANSKI 27 Ger Calumet laborer
Jos. Durlganski Kate Kogolski
Mary KOWALSKI 36 Ger Calumet Jos. Skubich --
Wit: Frank Zawada Wiktoria Tratkowska

09/08/1894 John KAZYAKA 26 Poland Calumet miner
Jacob Kazyaka Mary Koveski
Annie WOJKIEWICZ 21 Poland Calumet
John Luka Josepha Taszek
Wit: Wladislaw Knaeicura Marici Stephanick

09/18/1894 Franciszek ZAWADA 22 Poland Osceola laborer
Casper Zawada Mariane Buna
Victoria SHOTKOSKI 17 Poland Calumet
Thomas Shotkoski Catherine Staniszewska
Wit: John Shotowski Catherine Krawcjyla

10/30/1894 Joseph ROSINIOWICZ 29 Poland Calumet laborer
John Rorsenonicz Victoria Rosinsowicz
Waleria KIRUSZKA 18 Poland Calumet
Mike Keruskzka Murrasciski Keruskcka
Wit: Valentius Novak Anica Latowska
11/03/1894 John OUSIANY 26 Russia Calumet miner
Andre Ousiany Eliza Novak
Rose LISIECKA 17 Europe Calumet
Thomas Lisiecki Katherine Grzezkoviak
Wit: Treusleas Tomalka Magdalena Corybyt

05/25/1895 Sebastain SEPENSKIE 33 Europe Calumet miner
Nicholas Sepenski Mary Sepenski
Mary SCOTKANISH 25 Europe Houghton
Martin Scotkunish Cornilia Scotkunish
Wit: Tyna Sin Lacarnby Rosy Tablunska

09/19/1895 Mike LISIECKI 29 Ger Calumet miner
Thomas Lisiecki Katarine Snikoska
Maggie PRZYBYL 26 Ger Calumet
Wojciech Przybyl Apolonia Organiski
Wit: Laurence Garbercu John Hadenzak

05/26/1896 Andrew MILOWEK 28 Poland Calumet miner
Andrew Mikowek Sophie Herch
Mary WOJCHRZAK 29 Poland Calumet
John Smularek Mary Smularek
Wit: Anton Krysiak Valentin Tomarkik

06/23/1896 Joseph WRANA 30 Poland Red Jacket laborer
Thomas Wrana Tekla Lardewska
Apolonia PAULAUSKI 19 Poland Red Jacket
Jacob Paulauski Caroline Paulauski
Wit: Laurent Wroblewski John Wroblewski

07/06/1896 Joseph SPYCHALSKI 24 Ger Wisconsin blacksmith
Felix Spychalski Annie Mazzak
Franczka STANKA 20 - - - -

08/21/1896 Leon OLEJNICZAK 23 Poland Opeechee miner
Stephen Olejniczak Mary Kubiak
Catherine KRAFCHYK 19 Poland Opeechee
Wm. Krafchyk Magdalena Wojkowiak
Wit: Joseph Oleski Michael Michloneski

08/04/1896 Joseph PAUFEL 27 Poland Red Jacket miner
Paul Paufel Julia Kaminska
Anna BAL 21 Galicia Laurium John Bal Catherine Gatz
Wit: John Rariekki Tan Tanack

08/05/1896 Joseph PAWLICK 27 Poland Calumet salesman
John Pawlick Ellen Turzchewiska
Agnes TLEOS 21 Poland Red Jacket
Martin Tleos Victoria Neckman
Wit: Lewis Chonski H. Wenhonski

08/18/1896 Ignatcy LATOWSKI 23 Europe Laurium
laborer Joseph Latowski Teresia Kazminski
Rozalia JABLEWSKA 21 Europe Calumet dressmaker
John Jablowski Yanna Seppanski
Wit: Stanislaus Tatowski Anton Latowski

09/30/1896 Joseph SEVANISKI 28 Austria Calumet miner
John Sevaniski Kate Yluker
Rosie BROSOVICH 20 Austria Calumet
John Brosovich Mary Sceianch
Wit: Self Vebance Margaret Secur

10/13/1896 Michael UCIECHOWSKI 22 Poland Opeechee Miner
Casper Uciechowski Helen Olejniczak
Stanislawa WIECECHOWICZ 21 Poland Calumet
Uchelina Wiecrolarcz Michelina Wroblewski
Wit: Ignatius Torlesale Joseph Oleski

10/14/1896 Pavel SZUREK 31 Austria Opeechee trammer
S. Szurek Bridget Bonanoska
Mary WEJONATZ 21 Poland Laurium
Mickolay Wesznatz Antonina Kajlan
Wit: John Woaieski Thomas Tratkowvksy

12/29/1896 Israel MANSON 44 Rus/Poland Hancock clerk
Wolfe Manson Mary Seigel
Jennie ROSENTHAL 33 Rus/Poland Calumet -- --
Wit: W. B. Rumark M. Celia Maurence

01/27/1897 Paul MADROVICH 30 Austria Calumet timberman
Michael Madrovich Ann Murkans
Martha MELIUKEWIS 21 Poland Calumet
Stephen Melikewis Mary A. Andrueicklz
Wit: M. Kobe Agnes Marshal

02/03/1897 Andrew PACYKOSKI 38 Poland Opeechee laborer
Martin Pacykeski Hannah Pawlek
Agnes RUCINSKA (nee Borse) 38 Poland Calumet
Thos. Borse Barbara Mucha
Wit: Victor Cathrigneki John Runiska

05/12/1897 Wawrzyn KROSZYINESKI 27 Poland Opeechee laborer
Wawryzn Krosynski Mary Tarhok
Mary A. KAMINSKI 16 Poland Opeechee
Jan Kaminski Jadwiga Pazkoska

06/15/1897 Wladyslaw KOWALSKI 23 Poland Calumet trammer
John Kowalski Kalaney Nowicka
Victoria ADAMSKI 18 Calumet Calumet
Stanislaus Adamski Petronilla Jwanska
Wit: Joseph Kowalski Anton Wojriak

08/31/1897 Wladyslaw ZWIERZCHOWSKI 22 Calumet Calumet laborer
John Zwierzchowski Josephine Maciejewski
Francis BARTKOWIAK 19 Poland Calumet
Ignace Bartkowiak Mary Kremula
Wit: John Zwierzchowski Wawrzyn Garbarek

10/16/1897 John WILCZYOSKI 22 America Calumet miner
Michal Wilczyoski Agnes Pick
Mary GUITER 18 Poland Calumet
Jacob Guiter Catherine Wroblewski
Wit: Melchior Rybicki Stephen Budrioch

10/26/1897 Frank WODARCZAK 26 Poland Calumet minor
Anton Wodarczak Hettie Kozlowska
Catherine IGOSECKA 18 Poland Allouez
Wm. Igosecka Elisa Cohoges
Wit. Geo. Borhinski Joseph Trnyskonek

01/19/1898 Sczepan? JEKOVIAK 53 Poland W-- laborer
Kasmier Jukoviak Mary Ourecheski
Rosalia WALCZAK (nee Nowak) 48 Poland Calumet
Ant. Nowak Mary –
Wit. Stanisi Pytlerski Andrew Tomyski

05/28/1898 Jos. H. MYERS 34 Ohio Calumet barber
Job T. Myers --
Frances PAULFIL 18 Poland Calumet
Paul Paulfil Julie Carnieski
Wit: Hudley Summers Lilian B. Doeing

?05/31/1898 Boleslaw STEFANICH 25 Poland Red Jacket miner
Andrew Stefanich Annie Manurzka
Helen MOSINIAK 16 Calumet Calumet
Thomas Mosiniak Mary Wojkiewicz
Wit: Casimir Stefanich John Shotkowski

08/28/1898 Stephan TOMALK 25 Poland Red Jacket miner
Stephen Tomalk Mary Pavlok
Mary BOMBLINSKI 17 Calumet Calumet
Geo Bomblinski Victoria Garich
Wit. Stanislau Pobluiski Stanislaus Gradchinski

10/25/1898 Thomas MACZINSKI 22 America Calumet laborer
Adam Maczynski Mary Mikologada
Francis RYBAK 18 Poland Calumet Joseph Rybak Agnes Najiska
Wit. John Maczinski Lorenz Garbarek

11/23/1898 Walenty MYDLARZ 35 Poland Opeechee laborer
George Mydlarz Marcyanna Kalisz
Rosalyn ROSINSKA (nee Tawadzinski) 39 Poland Opeechee
Joseph Tawadzinski Maryanna Kazniska
Wit: John Wojkiewicz Stefan Klimanski

01/24/1899 Joseph JANOSKI 26 Poland Calumet laborer
Andrew Janoski Josephine Mackoviak
Bertha MADRZEJEWSKA 16 Calumet Calumet
Michael Madrezejewski Rozalia Weber
Wit. Mike Antkoviak Martin Novak

01/31/1899 Andrew MODAJENSKI 31 Poland Calumet laborer
Thomas Modajewski Josephine Mizgola
Waleryja ROSINWICZ (nee Gruska) 22 Poland Calumet
Matthias Morezska Josepha Manczynski
Wit: Michael Antkoviak S. Smigaj

05/02/1899 Joseph OLESKI 37 Poland Opeechee miner
George Oleski Margaret Dozeralski
Frances CICHOWLAS 19 Michael Cichowlas Mary Koniczina
Wit: John Cluski John Smigaj

05/16/1899 Peter PRZYBELSKI ?36 Poland Opeechee
Anton Przybelski Susan Pelariska
Sophie KURYNISKA 23 Poland Opeechee
Joseph Kurianski Mary Hazar
Wit: John Smigaj Frank Luriskiski

06/21/1899 Walenty KALISZ 26 Poland Calumet
Kalisz Mary Pehykoski
Mary KOWALSKI 18 Poland Calumet
Anton Kowalski Mary Rybicka
Wit: Vitold Blinstrop Felix Martin

06/26/1899 John KAMINSKI 23 Ger Atlantic Mine engineer
Wojciech Kaminski Tekla Sweet
Julia OLESKI 18 Ger Opeechee
John Oleski Josephine Oleski
Wit: Wladslaw Oleski Valerius Noliak

08/07/1899 John WIEDZORKIEWICZ 49 Poland Calumet laborer
And. Wieczikiwicz Teresa Saitkovska
Mary WIENUZEWCZ (nee Nowak) 26 Poland Calumet -- Mary Nowak
Wit: F. Klinowicki? John Smigaj

08/09/1899 John PASZYLKA 22 Poland Opeechee
John Paszylka Tresa Herlina
Stela STEFANIAK 19 Poland Calumet
Joseph Stefaniak Antonina Struczrka
Wit: Michael Pawlak Mary Stefaniak

08/16/1899 Anton DONNAZEKSEKI 27 Poland Calumet
And. Dierrazlski Hattie Micholiak
Margaret NOWICKA 20 Poland Calumet
Andrew Nowicki Fani Koszorowska
Wit: Majcher Rybiski Stanislaus Latowski

09/16/1899 Stephen BUDZIAK 26 Poland Calumet laborer
John Budziak Francis Barrif?
Antonina MOSINIAK 18 Calumet Calumet
Thos. Mosiniak Mary Wojkiewicz
Wit: Jos. Bochewski H. Szatkowchar

09/26/1899 Anton ROZMIAREK 27 Poland Calumet laborer
Geo. Rozmiarek Mary Mydlarz
Antonia MERNIER 20 Calumet Calumet
Martin Mernier Mary Tirana
Wit: Felix Martin Martin Stepniak

09/30/1899 John OLEJNICZAK 24 Poland Opeechee laborer
Stephen Olejniczek Mary Kubiak
Stanislawa TOMCZAK 20 Poland Calumet
John Tomczak Mary Wojtkowiak
Wit: Melchior Rybicki Rjnerku Olejniczak

10/25/1899 Melchior RYBICKI 24 Poland Calumet bartender
Andrew Rybicki Josephine Smigaj
Agnes OLEJNICZAK 22 Poland Calumet
Stephen Olejniczak Maria Kubiak
Wit: Frank Kunzyk Frances Antkowiak

01/23/1900 Hipolit PAWLICKI 42 Poland Hurley saloonkeeper
Jn. Pawlicki Annet Tniezhka
Praxid Sikorska 26 America Calumet
John Sikorski Antonia Doniska
Wit: Jos. Pawlicki Stanislawa Frenshiski

01/24/1900 John SHOTKOSKI 23 Calumet Calumet miner
John Shotkoski Louisa Walker
Frances SCHAEFER 23 Laurium Joseph Schaefer Libbie Lerg
Wit: Alex. St. Clair Wanda Shotkowski

02/17/1900 Stanislaw KLAWITER 35 Poland Calumet laborer
Michael Klawiter Antonia Glowacka
Victoria PAULOSKA 16 Poland Calumet
Jacob Pawlowski Agnes Jankowiak
Wit: John Smigaj Joseph Kowselewski

02/20/1900 John TOMCZAK 24 Poland Calumet laborer
Jos. Tomczak Antonia Sikorska
Agnes FURYAN 21 Poland Calumet Jacob Furyan --
Wit: Jospeh Fmyrsany Martin Nowak

05/08/1900 Frank NOVAK 21 Austria Calumet miner
Joseph Novak Maggie Zwiemenchiski
Anne WERSHEY 22 Austria Calumet domestic
Joseph Wershey Aggie Frisel
Wit: Jacob Kocjan Mary Gisis

05/09/1900 Stephen LATOSKI 23 Pennsylvania Calumet miner
Joseph Latoski Antonia Kazmierzyk
Mary ADAMSKI 18 Calumet Calumet
Stephen Adamski Petronella Iwanski
Wit: John Lalinski Mary Kubiak

05/16/1900 Sebestian MACIAK 22 Austria Opeechee laborer
Paul Maciak Mary Sykowski
Veronika MACIAK 18 Austria Opeechee
Peter Maciak Elizabeth Gola
Wit: Martin Nowak Boleslaw Karrad

06/30/1900 Thomas KAZMIERCZAK 24 Poland Atlantic Mine

09/19/1900 Ignace DOMINIAK 30 Poland Calumet laborer
Simon Dominiak Mary Tovszynska
Mary WAWRZYNIAK 19 Poland Calumet
George Wawrzyniak Catherine Wilkowska
Wit: Jos. Zmyslony John Kruschow

09/26/1900 Jacob W. WAGNER 24 Quincy Mine S. Hecla timberman
Martin Wagner Margaret Haan
Sophie JUZWIAK 20 Opeechee Opeechee
Antone Juzwiak Agnes Antkoviak
Wit: John Juzkoviak Nellie Wagner

09/29/1900 Joseph JOSKOWIAK 21 Poland Calumet miner
Steve Joskowiak Francis Kasmerczak
Katy CWOIDRAK 19 Poland Calumet Mark Cwoidrak Margaret Volgora
Wit: Andron Glownynski Michael Zoskoviak

10/03/1900 Kasmir MALCZEWSKI 25 Poland Calumet laborer
John Malczewski Rozalia Mentz
Mrs. Helen FLENS 22 Poland Calumet
Martin Flens Victoria Weichmann
Wit: Steven Zwierzchowski Hatty Zwierzchowski

11/20/1900 Stanislaus KAZINSKY 28 Ger Isle Royale laborer
Jos. Kazynski Agnes Novak
Mary SENK 19 Ger
Stanislaus Senk Catherine Seleski

11/27/1900 John JUZWIAK 24 Ger. Osceola miner
Anton Juzwiak Agnes Antkoviak
Emma JOHNSON 23 Norway Osceola
Solomon Johnson --
Wit: Alfred Johnson Christina Nausohn

02/05/1901 Mike LATOSKI 25 Poland Laurium miner
Andrew Latoski Victoria Masolek
Kate ADAMSKI 22 Calumet Calumet
Stephen Adamski Petrolina Iwanska
Wit: Steven Adamski Mary Kubick

06/12/1901 Stanislaus URBANSKI 38 Poland Calumet laborer
Valentine Urbanski Mary Keredziora
Catherine GARYANTUSZWICK 40 Poland Calumet
Jan Nowak Mary Madajeski (aka Catherine NOWAK)
Wit: -- --(perhaps this marriage did not take place…see below)

08/13/1901 Stanislaus URBANSKI 37 Poland Calumet laborer
Valentine Urbanski
Mary NOVAK 22 Poland Calumet
Kasmir Nowak Donnella Baranowska
Wit: Martin Novak Stanislaus Michalek

09/04/1901 Mike PAWLAK 22 Ger Opeechee miner
Jos. Pawlak Annie Banach
Mary STEFANAC 20 Atlantic Mine Calumet
Jos. Stefanic Antnia Sebestyanska
Wit: John Pawlak Stefania Stefaniak

09/24/1901 Anton BYCZYNSKI 20 Poland Hurontown miner
Stanislaus Byczynski Mary Chevierot
Anna ROSINSKA 18 Poland Laurium
Andrew Rosinska Rozalia Zawadzinska
Wit: Frank Wolski Joseph Yankowizak

10/08/1901 Ignacy FLENS 37 Poland Calumet miner
Mikolaj Flens Felecia Yamenska
Victoria JAKUBOWSKA 23 Poland Calumet
Valentine Jakubowski Antonina Sosnowska
Wit: -- --
10/23/1901 Valentine JANOWSKY 26 Poland Calumet teamster
Andrew Janosky Josephine Mackoviak
Catherine IWANSKA 18 Calumet Calumet
Anton Iwanski Mary Wojkiewicz
Wit: Michael Kruwczyk Stanislana Bomblinski

01/11/1902 Jos. BOCHINSKY 27 Austria Calumet blacksmith
Nicholas Bochinsky --
Antonia ZMYSLONY 18 Poland Calumet Roch Zmyslony --
Wit: Frank Zmyslony Maria Zmcrkowska

01/29/1902 Jos. SNELER 26 Austria Calumet laborer
Peteer Sneler Theresa Snyder
Francis SEVERINSKA 25 Austria Calumet
John Severiski Therese Karetich
Wit: Anthony Severinski Cath. Secen

05/28/1902 Jos. MONKOSKI 24 Ger. Laurium butcher
Vincent Monkoski Thraces Flentz
Marie SIKORSKI 20 Osceola Osceola Theodore Sikorski

Wit: Romon Monkoski Mary Kubiak
06/24/1902 Richard G. LONGHEAD 22 Wisconsin
Wadena jeweler Horace M. Longhead Emma Schmidt
Maria ZWIERZCHOWSKI 24 Poland Calumet
Franz Zwierzchowski Teozel Dryor
Wit: H. Zwierzchowski John Burete

07/15/1902 William LABARGE 22 Calumet Calumet miner
Jos. Labarge Eliza Meldrum
Maria KNECHGTES 26 Calumet Laurium
Jacob Knechgtes Margaret Steffes
Wit: Lorenze Ziehr Frances Schmelzer

07/19/1902 John COBERTS 26 Poland Copper Range miner
Joe Coberts
Stella WOOD 20

07/23/1902 Anton KAZYAKA 24 Ger. Calumet laborer
Jacob Kazyaka Mary Kowleska
Paulina JABLONSKA 20 Ger. Laurium dressmaker
John Jablonski Mary Shupanski
Wit: Vincent Jablonski Valeria Creruvinska

08/05/1902 Anton NOWICKI 26 Poland Calumet laborer
Joseph Nowicki Apolonia Mydlewska
Jadwiga KOSINICKA 18 Poland Opeechee
Frank Kosinichi Josepha Debrowska
Wit: Alexander Klubiak Martin Nowak

09/10/1902 Fred K. STEFNIAK 20 Ger Hurontown laborer
Andrew Stefniak Annie Manick
Mary WODZIAK 21 Calumet Green Bay
Anton Wozniak Katie Kosofiak
Wit: Martin Novak Joseph Adamski

10/25/1902 Joseph MATELA 25 Ger Trimountain blacksmith
Joseph Matela Yadwiga Szminski
Mary ZGORECKA 19 Ger Allouez
Martin Zgoricka Elzeta Hureges
Wit: Mary Matela Joseph Srymariski

11/15/1902 Andrew MARZYNSKI 35 Poland Calumet laborer
Martin Marzybski Agnes Stempniak
Elizabeth DLUBALA 18 Poland Calumet
John Dlubala Catherine Barkoska
Wit: Mary Szatkowska Joseph Zmyslony

12/09/1902 John SZINIECKA 24 Austria Wolverine laborer
Andre Szinieska Annie Jokov
Maria CROSZ 28 Austria Kearsarge Geo. Popovich --
(nee Popovich)
Wit: Steve Hanway Mary Rosko

01/21/1903 Peter VERBANCZ 30 Austria Calumet laborer
Jacob Verbancz Lucia Stighe
Magdalena BINICHKI (nee Zalec) 31 Austria Calumet
John Zalec Katie Osiynichko
Wit: Matt Zalac Kate Zalac

02/03/1903 John RUCINSKI 27 Poland Norway saloonkeeper
Michael Rucinski Anges Boos
Hattie JANICKA 18 Poland Calumet
Thos. Janicka Margret Lisiecka
Wit: John Gommleura Annie Latowska

05/20/1903 Stanislaus KOCZYNSKI 25 Poland Opeechee laborer
John Koczynski Rozalia Superota
Anna GROMOLAK 18 Poland Opeechee
A. Gromolak Erma Letitia
Wit: John Sedwin Hattie Rinski

06/09/1903 John SNYDER 27 Poland Calumet miner
Stanislaus Snyder Catherine Wilgnich
(lic. date-no Mary GRESKOWIAK 21 Poland Calumet
John Greskoviak Catherine Rozmiarek
date of mar. Wit: -- noted)

07/18/1903 Charles August CARLSON 25 Sweden Calumet miner
Chas. E. Carlson Augusta Fagerman
Mary MCCAVICK 20 Poland Calumet
Andrew McCavich Mary Somure
Wit: Peter Hayin Annie Carlson

08/25/1903 Martin SMENTCZAK 22 Poland Calumet laborer
Frank Smentczak Mary Tobola
Rosie SKWIERCZ 20 Poland Calumet
Joseph Skwiercz Mary Ziebert
Wit: John Tobola Mary Skwiercz

10/24/1903 Casimir ZWIERZCHOWSKI 24 Hancock Calumet --
John Zwierzchowski Josephine Maceijewski
Hattie BARTKOVIAK 20 Calumet Calumet
Ignace Bartkoviak Mary Kiemula
Wit: --

01/03/1904 Rock ZMYSLONY 52 Poland Calumet farmer
Frank Zmyslony Constance
Anna MAIERLE 49 Austria Calumet housekeeper
Mike Adams Anne Mehlich
Wit: Mike Maierly Jos. Bochynski

04/30/1904 Stanislaus NOWAK 24 Poland Painesdale miner
Martin Novak Martha Wodziak
Stanislawa MACZKOWIAK 23 Poland Painesdale
Albert Maczkowiak Josephine Czerniak
Wit. John Novak Mary Kowalski

05/11/1904 Frank OLEJNICZAK 25 Poland Laurium miner
Stephen Olejniczak Mary Kerbich
Victoria KRAWCZAKA 17 Poland Osceola
Wm. Krawczak Magdalena Wojtkowiak
Wit: Frank Novakowski Michael Krawczak

05/24/1904 Thomas NOLAN 23 Canada Hancock car repairer
Owen Nolan Mary Collins
Agnes GARBAREK 19 Calumet Calumet
Antoni Garbarek Mary Swietek
Wit: Lawrence Garbarek Victoria Garbarek

06/22/1904 Stanislaus DOMINICK 29 Poland Calumet laborer
Simon Dominick Mary Troszynski
Antonina WAWRZYNIAK 21 Poland Calumet
Geo. Wawrzyniak Catherine Nowicka
Wit: John Maczynski Anthony Wawrzyniak

08/10/1904 Wm. J. PIRRON 24 St. Bernard, OH,bookkeeper
Jn Pirron Magdalena Peters
Otilla KNECHTGES 20 Laurium Laurium
Jacob Knechtges Margret Steffens

Wit: Jacob Knechtges Frances Pirron
09/03/1904 Michael JAGIELSKI 22 Poland Opeechee laborer
Valentine Jagielski Frances Blado
Mary CIESIELSKA 22 Poland Opeechee
Valentine Ciesielski Mary Grerslowska
Wit: Michael Tobianski Josef Pytlewski

10/01/1904 Joseph JANKOWIAK 22 Poland Laurium miner
Barney Jankoviak Hettie Dubala
Frances POWLESKI 18 Tamarack Mine Calumet
Jacob Pobleski Mary Jankowiak
Wit: Leo Szatkowski Valeria Ozeravinska

10/01/1904 Stanislaus ZWIERZCHOWSKI 24 America Calumet miner
John Zwierchowski Josephine Maciejewska
Teresa PYTLEWSKI 20 America Calumet
Stephen Pytlewski Antonia Sikorski
Wit: Alexander Pytlewski Pelagia Zwierzchowski

09/28/1904 John J. HARRINGTON 28 Calumet Calumet machinist
Michael Harrington Mary Wall
Wanda SHOTKOSKI 20 Calumet Calumet John Shotkowski
Wit: George Harrington Mary Szatkowski

02/04/1905 Anthony FRUNDAKOWSKI 30 Poland Painesdale miner
Michal Frundakowski Anna Katejor
Rozalia LUC 18 Poland Laurium Valentin Luc Stanislawa Nowak
Wit: Mike Kalisz Mry Kubiak

02/11/1905 John STEPNIAK 23 Calumet Calumet miner
Michael Stepniak Elizabeth Zimma
Cecelia DLUBALA 20 Calumet Opeechee
Stanislaus Dlubala Elizabeth Rozmiarek
Wit: Steven Stempniak Stanislawa Michalak

03/04/1905 Joseph KOWALSKI 33 Poland Painesdale miner
John Kowalski Catherine Uornicka

Mary MATELA 24 Poland Opeechee
Jos. Matela Hattie Bzymanska
Wit: Mary Kowalski Josef Adamski

(additional records to be transcribed between 1905 and possibly 1920)

08/24/1907 Vladmir GERICH 25 Austria -- teamster
Matt Gerich Teresa Rebrovic
Mary BARANOWSKI 19 Calumet Calumet
Stephan Baranowski Polina Szatkowski
Wit: Joannes Baranowski Mary Lisiecka

11/09/1907 Walenty MALECKY 28 Austria Calumet organist
Albert Malecky
Theresa BARANOWSKI 19 Calumet
John Baranowski
Wit: John Baranowski Agnes Ernat

08/10/1909 Frank BARANOWSKI 18 Calumet car repairer
Steven Baranowski
Catherine KOVIAK 17 Calumet Calumet
John Koviak Catherine Rozmiarek
Wit: --

11/19/1910 Frank BARANOWSKI 26 Beray, Ohio Calumet miner
John Baranowski Magdalena Gluba
Angelina LUKA 21 Calumet Calumet
John Luka Josepha Taszek
Wit: Anthony Luka Helen Baranowski

11/23/1910 Henry KERSTING 33
F. Kersting Sophie Ziebert
Hattie SZATKOWSKI 28 Calumet
Calumet Thomas Szatkowski Catherine Staniszewska

09/21/1911 John BARANOWSKI 25 Ohio Calumet fireman
John Baranowski Magdalena Gluba
Celia KEDZIORA 19 Calumet Calumet

10/04/1911 John SZATKOWSKI 34 Poland Calumet conductor
Thomas Szatkowski Catherine Staniszewska
Anna KRUSZKA 28 Poland Calumet
Matt Kruszka Josephina Mazynska

Saturday, January 5, 2008

"History of ...Calumet, Red Jacket..." c. 1883

Excerpted from "History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan containing a full account of its early settlement; its growth, development and resources; and extended description of its Iron and Copper Mines." (Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1883)
Transcribed by Joseph F. Martin

Rev. Fabian Pawlar, resident priest of the Church of the Sacred Heart. Father Pawlar was born in Silesia, Prussia; was educated in Germany; studied theology and was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy in 1874. He came to America in 1875, and directly to Lake Superior, and from January 1875 till July 1878, was in charge of the Church of the Sacred Heart in Calumet. He was then assigned to the church at Houghton, of which he was the resident priest from July 1878 till May 1880. In June 1881 he returned to Calumet to his former charge. He has been lately assigned to the Polish church at Red Jacket. (p. 305)

Red Jacket
The Polish Church society was organized the present year, 1882, with Rev. Fabian Pawlar as the organizing pastor. The Church Executive Committee are M. Mytkowski, Andrew Bartkowiak, Simon Tobianski, A. Osinski and Vincent Saltka, who have in charge the construction of a frame church building 40 X 75 feet in area, which will seat sixty people and cost $2,900. (pp. 306-307)
The Roman Catholic Polanders resident here have a benevolent society called St. Stanislaus Kostka which was organized in 1874 with a membership of twenty-five. Its first officers were John Zwierzchowski, President, Anton Osinski, Vice President, Martin Flens, Secretary, Mathias Mydkowski, Treasurer; V. Nowicki, A. Nowakowski, M. Ernad, Stephen Swiderski, Frank Swiderski, A. Gorski, Anton Adamski and Frank Zienta, with the six last named to an Executive Committee. The present membership is seventy-five. (p. 307)