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Rogalinek entry- Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw ,1888

Map c. 1865, obtained at the Archiwum Państwowe w Poznaniu, 2003 C. Jensen

(1) A church village, in the district of Szrem, deaconate of Sredko, about 13 km west of Kurnik and Bnin, on the right edge of the Warta River, across from Sowinca and Mosina, borders with Rogalin; there are 72 houses, 468 residents (423 Catholic, 45 Protestant) and 507 hares (306 fields, 60 meadows, 66 wooded areas); income from the hares is 7.20 marks, from the meadows 11.04 marks, from the woods, 2.21 marks. The parish is here, the post office in Radzew Colony (Hohensee) and the train station is in Mosiny, about 4km away. Rogalinek was the property of the Poznan jurisdiction, taken by the Prussian government. Within the territory arose the village of Saskie Pole (Sachsenfelde) and the forest district of Waldecke. In 1850 Rogalinek there were four half-farms and 2 cottages. The parish, listed incorrectly in the tax collector's registry as "Rogonieniec," was composed of Rogalinek, Rogalin and Swiatnik; later Polesie and Saskie Pole were added in. The church of St. Michael already existed before 1510; the suffragan bishop of Poznan, Hieronim Wierzbowski had a new church built in place of the old one in 1712. There are 1283 parishioners. (2) Rogalinek: Folwark for Jankowic, in the parish of Ceradz Church, on the border of the Bukowski district and Szamotulski, the property of Rosalia Chlapowska, Count Eng estromÑw (around 1793); does not exist today. (3) Rogalinek: Gniezno district, obsolete Rogalin in the Klecko neighborhood.
Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1888, vol. 9]
Submitted by: Joseph F. Martin. Translated by Benigne Dohms. (Jan 1999)