Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jacob Ginter of Greylow, Poznan

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Hi Ceil,

I have a couple of names for you. My ggreat grandfather was Jacob Ginter. They were from the Poznan area. He came here with family in 1884/ or 1886. If you are interested I will look up specific fates for you. I got this information form the ship they came to the U.S. on.

He got hung in a mining accident in May 5th , 1888. He was married to Katherine Wroblewski. They got married in Poland. He was on the ship with his family and brother in law (Vincent Wroblewski) and his family. They all say they were from Greylow, Poznan. Poland.
Vincent's wife was Marie. I know when Jacob died but I can't find out where he is buried.

I don't know if my husband and I will ever get a chance to come back to MI. for a vacation, but there is so much I'd like to find out about.

There was a article of Jacob's death in the Red Jacket / Calumet News when he died. A lady from Calumet sent me the info. He had a Polish band take him to the cemetery (I think she said). The article had the names of all the relatives that came from Detroit to the funeral. But she didn't send me all the that info, and she said it was in an article.

Well let me know if you'd like more info and if I have it I will sent it to you.

Thank you,
Nancy Cosgrove(Surnames ginter,wroblewski,wolfe,wilczenski,beehler,browski,kaczor)