Sunday, June 15, 2008

Anton Garbarek 1849-1906

Hello Kathy Franklin and Larry Garbarek,

Just back from a week of research in Calumet and Houghton. I made a visit to Lake View Cemetery and took a photo of your ancestor Anton Garbarek's headstone. I also ordered the cleaning of the stone. Ten dollars to clean a 102 yr. old stone seemed too good of a deal to pass up! I also found a small write up about his death in the newspaper.

Daily Mining Gazette 22 November 1906, p.6

Found Dead On Floor

Anton Garbarek Found Dead Yesterday Morning by Family

Anton Garbarek was found dead at his home on Isle Royale street, Laurium, by members of his family. The man had died some time during the night suddenly, apparently heart failure being
the cause of death. Coroner Fisher was summoned to the scene but decided that an inquest was unnecessary. He informed the county physician Dr. Matehette, if the case, and a post mortem will be held. Upon this will depend the decision as to the future course to be followed. It is believed that the inquest will develop nothing out of the ordinary.

Garbarek lay on a couch in his home Tuesday night in apparently good health and said he wanted to take a nap before retiring. Members of his family went to bed rather early, and expected that the father would follow. They did not notice that he had not done so, and when they awoke in the morning they saw the man laying dead on the floor, apparently having fallen from the coach.

Mr. Garbarek was an elderly man about sixty years of age, and had been for some time a milkman. He is survived by a wife and family of grown children.

Here are the notes I took from the cemetery cards:

Frank Garbarack
age 7 mths
Sec J, Row 3, Grave 4
Death Jan 10, 1901, Burial Jan. 13, 1901
Director: Ryan

Baby Garbarack
Birth/Death Jan 27, 1902
No Section nor lot listed
Director: Ryan
Baby Garbarack
age 7 mths
death:Swedetown Sec K, Row 3, Grave 5
Burial Sept. 8, 1902
Director: Ryan

Anton Garbarek
age 56
Sec. A, Lot 36
Burial Nov. 23, 1906

Happy Father's Day to all our ancestors!