Sunday, September 14, 2008

Josephine Kruszka and Children

Cousins Virginia Hartselle and Tony Bausano both have this Kruszka family portrait in their collections. Tony's photo is identified as: John, Catherine Staniszewska, Anna, and Valeria Kruska
Virginia writes:
Josephine Kruszka with children (she would be my great grandmother)
One of the girls is my grandmother Walerja Kruszka who later married Joseph Rasimowicz and then Andrew Madajewski. One of the other girls is Annie Kruzska who later married John Szatkowski (Tony Bausano's grandparents).
The young man is John Kruszka. I believe the baby is another son whose name I do not know.

Is the unknown woman John's mother Catherine Staniszewska?
The marriage record of Annie Kruszka and John Szatkowski reads:
Groom name: John Szatkowski
Groom age: 34 year:
Groom birth year: 1877
Groom birth place: Germany
Bride name: Annie Kruszka
Bride age: 28 years
Bride birth year: 1883
Bride birth place: Germany
Marriage date: 04 Oct 1911
Marriage place: Calumet, Houghton, Michigan
Father of groom name: Tom Szatkowski
Mother of groom name: Catherine Staniszewska
Father of bride name: Math Kruszka
Mother of bride name: Josephine Maczynska

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