Sunday, November 16, 2008

St. Albert Bishop and Martyr Society

In Calumet one of the Polish fraternal organizations was the St. Albert Bishop and Martyr Society. It was Lodge 104 of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUA). A few years ago I was able to obtain a copy of the ledger book with the names of some of the members. That list has been posted on the Michigan GenWeb page for Houghton County. Then the Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) has a web page that provides information about the PRCUA and allows a search of societies by the name of towns or cities. Some years back it was also possible to enter the number of a specific lodge and obtain the names of all the members for whom insurance was paid. For some reason the PGSA no longers offers that option. In January 2002 I used the search feature and uncovered the names of 16 Polish members for whom insurance claims had been made. Since that search option is no longer available, I am providing the names and dates of death for those who might be interested. It is possible to find the volume and page number for these people and to obtain copies of these insurance files by using the search features on the PGSA web page. Typically, insurance files include a copy of the insurance certificate, a copy of the death certificate, and other pages. PSGA requests $15 for a search and copies - a bargain for what the file contains.

Jacob Draszkowski (26 Feb 1920), Marya Dudzinski (12 Nov 1917), M. Ernard (25 Apr 1929), Maryanna Jagielski (28 Jun 1913), Antoni Kowalski (21 Jun 1911), Wojciech Krzeminski (23 Sep 1907), Jan Luka (4 May 1922), Jozefa Luka (10 Oct 1932), Jozef Pawlicki (31 Dec 1930), Antonina Stefaniak (23 Dec 1930), Jozef Stefaniak (8 Jun 1928), Jan Szatkowski (27 Oct 1898), Lucya Szatkowski (3 Feb 1922), Sebastyan Szczepanski (7 Aug 1920), Katarzyna Wawrzyniak (15 Apr 1938), Jozef Zaborny (4 Mar 1932).

Joseph F. Martin

Romeoville, Illinois