Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hecla Cemetery
aka Laurium Cemetery


Born 5 November, 1875, Posen
Died 17, December, 1889, Calumet

Andrzei Adamski was the son of Stanisław Adamski and his wife Petronella Iwanski. Andrzei came to the US with his parents and older brother Joseph, sailing from Hamburg to New York aboard the Frisia. They arrived May 16, 1876. They sailed with other Posen travelers heading for Calumet.

Andrzei's death entry in the Houghton Co. death returns reads: Entry 88, pp. 38-39. Dec 17, 1890
Andrew Adamske, Male, White, Child, age 15, Place of Death Calumet, Disease or Cause of Death Killed in Mine; Birthplace Poland; Occupation Drill Boy in Mine;
Parents Names Steve and Petroy (sp) Residences Calumet. Date of Records August, 1, 1891.

The tombstone and Houghton County Mining Inspector Accident Report lists the date of death in 1889.

The Accident Mining Report lists:
Surname Adamsky; Given Andrew; Date Dec. 17, 1889; Mine Osceola; Occupation Boy;
Acc Description Explosion of Dynamite; Nationality Polander; Acc No unk

Special thanks to Greg Skoviak for the use of the photo of Adamski's tombstone. Greg has recorded many tombstones in the abandoned cemetery. See his collection at: