Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Any ghosts hovering about the old Hecla Cemetery....

The 1868-1968 Sacred Heart Centennial
transcribed by Ceil Wendt Jensen

Any ghosts hovering about the old "Hecla Cemetery" in the spring of 1958 scurried to new habitats when they saw a strange delegation approaching their domain. This awesome band equipped with digging , chopping and raking implements, and led by Father Jerome had one purpose in mind- Clean the old cemetery! Since its origin in 1880, this resting place had experienced little or no improvement. Tombstones had been toppled and broken, brushed and undergrowth completely covered numerous graves, portions of the fence were down and the entire ground were in a state of near obliteration.

Heavy equipment , such as bulldozers and payloaders, plus drivers for same were offered by the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company to assist the workers. The offer was gratefully accepted. The stronger sex was not alone in the restoration project. The woman assisted in the raking of the debris after the men had chopped and pulled it loose. When the project was completed, there we any aching backs and muscles but he aches were not in vain. A tremendous job had been done and restoring the old burial grounds was a great accomplishment.

Link to:
Cemetery St, Laurium, Houghton County, Michigan
Photos (some with year photo was taken) by Greg Skoviak and Peg Nieldhold donated to the Houghton Keweenaw County Genealogy Society