Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Land Barons

Joseph Martin wrote to Ceil: In my spare time I went through the GLO records for all of Houghton County by Townships and by Sections to locate all the Polish names I could find. I did both the north and south parts of the county based on the maps you sent me. (note- the GLO website holds Surveys, Plats, and Field Notes begin your search after you have picked up the necessary information from the Land Patent- Ceil). Descendants of the Pioneer Poles are encouraged to order the packets and share them with the blog.

51-N, 35-W
Michal Nowak
Jacob Rinta ( Zienta)

Martin Ignasinski
Anton Kowalski
John Pitasky
Mihal Coujdrak (Cwoidrak)
Michal Nowak

George Bomblinski
Anton Jozwiak
Lawrence Klinowiecki
Stephen Klinowiecki
Victoria Monczynski
Stef Petasky
John Stelmarseski
Annie Waikelwiz ( Wojkiewicz)
John Zwierzchowski

John Butkiewicz