Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Five Catholic Parishes

1868-1968 Sacred Heart Centennial
p. 26
transcribed by Ceil Wendt Jensen

Essential to the general picture of most of the decades is the spirit of friendliness that existed between the parishes of Calumet from ''way back". There were St. Joseph's. St. Mary's, St. Anne's, St. John's, and St. Anthony's. Perhaps there were times when this friendliness was demonstrated by "mining town"gruffness, but underneath there remained a genuine catholicity (in the sense of total, basic unity). Sacred Heart is grateful for the associations with the people and priests of these parishes thought the years.
The names of those parishes have passes into history, and the congregations are now members of either of our parish or of our fiend and co-parish St. Paul the Apostle in Calumet. In Keweenaw there are two more friends, the parishes of Mohawk and Ahmeek.